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Things Needing Explanation​ by Julia Fisher

August 29, 2021

Things Needing Explanation​

Written by Julia Fisher

Directed by Anne McEvoy

Jacklean is driving her whip-smart teenage granddaughter Georgia to her house for the weekend when they decide to play Things Needing Explanation - a game from Georgia’s childhood where the two try to outsmart each other with made-up crime scenes. But when an invented crime begins to have eerie parallels to the real world, Georgia and Jacklean must unite their love of murder mysteries and each other to solve the case and save their family.

Produced with Radio on the Lake Theatre

Dominique L. Gardner - Georgia
Nadia Salett - Hattie
Amy Schwabauer - Neely
Lisa L Wiley - Jacklean

Sound Effects Engineer
John Watts

"Black Fingerprint" by Dylan Owen

Recording (c) 2021 Playwrights Local

Things Needing Explanation (c) 2021 Julia Fisher

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