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The Portraits by Tom Hayes

July 15, 2021

The Portraits

Written by Tom Hayes

Directed by Brian Zoldessy

After attending the funeral of their father, two adult siblings are stranded in a remote area next to their family plot. With a storm threatening and strange sounds coming from the nearby forest, 40-ish Ben and his younger sister Sam are forced to leave the plot on foot. As they walk, the two re-hash events of the past. They both air their grievances until the strange sounds begin to take physical form, forcing them into an abandoned house. Strangely, the house is not entirely empty and not entirely unfamiliar. There, they discover a truth they did not know, and come to terms with their shared history.

Produced with Radio on the Lake Theatre

John Busser - Ben 
Lindsey Mitchell - Sam

Sound Effects Engineer
John Watts

Aftermath” by Kevin MacLeod

Recording (c) 2021 Playwrights Local

The Portraits (c) 2021 Tom Hayes

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