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Limbo by Agnes Herrmann

May 19, 2021


Written by Agnes Herrmann

Directed by Brian Zoldessy

Tess has recently lost her mother; Susan lives with her own mother, who has crippling arthritis. They meet on a commuter train heading home, after a blown transformer cuts the power out. Tess gets claustrophobic in the dark. Susan becomes a chatterbox. The atmosphere grows stifling. The two think they have nothing in common...but do they? In Limbo, the statement “your truth is my truth” becomes a reality that neither Tess nor Susan can deny.

Produced in partnership with Radio on the Lake Theatre.

Agnes Herrmann - Susan
Lindsey Mitchell - Tess
Paul Slimak - Conductor 

Sound Effects Engineer
John Watts

Recorded live in studio in December 2020.

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Cleveland's Home for Dramatic Writers

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