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Family Markers by Faye Sholiton

May 26, 2021

Family Markers

Written by Faye Sholiton

Directed by Fred Sternfeld

On a June day in 1960, a still-grieving brother and sister made a horrifying discovery. Just days after their brother's burial, someone had exhumed his body and moved it, with no forwarding address. Exactly 50 years later, two adult strangers with the same last name run into each other at the family plot. They will attempt to sort out what might have gone wrong while everybody was above ground. And whether this brand of mishegas is hereditary.

Produced with Radio on the Lake Theatre

Mary Alice Beck - Leah
John Busser - Lee

Sound Effects Engineer
John Watts

Vivaldi: Spring” by Notepad Music

Special thanks to Cantor Kathy Sebo for the use of her voice in this recording.

Recording (c) 2021 Playwrights Local

Family Markers (c) 2020 by Faye Sholiton

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