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Entanglement by Les Hunter

March 13, 2021

A Historical Fantasy of Almost-Love and Almost-Loss, Art History and Entry-Level Quantum Physics

Written by Les Hunter

Directed by Christine McBurney

Entanglement reimagines the 1925 moment when physicist Erwin Schrödinger discovered quantum mechanics. In this alternate history, Schrödinger's breakthrough in physics (and love) is inspired by art historian Gertrud Bing. Bing and her mentor Aby Warburg famously asserted that all societies develop at a relatively similar and interconnected rate, despite differences of space and time. This theory is spookily similar to the phenomena of quantum entanglement, which holds that two particles, once entangled, move and change at the same moment. Schrödinger made this discovery during a two-and-a-half week sexual spree in the Swiss Alps. Cats may or may not have been killed.

Produced in partnership with Radio on the Lake Theatre.

John Busser - Erik
Cathleen O’Malley - Gabriele

Sound Effects Engineers
John Watts
Victoria Watts

Recorded live at Radio on the Lake Studio Theatre in Shaker Heights, Ohio, on November 13, 2019.

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