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Love and Ecstasy by Gail Nyoka

September 23, 2021

Love and Ecstasy

Written by Gail Nyoka

Directed by Terrence Spivey

From Ireland to Barbados, to Trinidad and to England, trauma passes through five generations of women. Each one denies her truth at her own cost and suffers in her own way. Each searches for love. The narrator has reached a crisis. Like her great-great grandmother, she is a seer. It is at this point of crisis that the narrator discovers her hidden abilities. Is she descending into madness? Do her ancestors have anything to teach her? And is she able to listen?

Produced with Radio on the Lake Theatre

Jeannine Gaskin - Violet / VyVy
Christina Johnson - Jean
Jill Kenderes - Susannah
Sharron McPherson-Foxx - Narrator

Sound Effects Engineer
Victoria Watts

Now The Silence” by Juan Sánchez
Fireflies” by Whitesand

Recording (c) 2021 Playwrights Local

Love and Ecstasy (c) 2021 Gail Nyoka

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